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The Best IFTTT Recipes For Marketers

October 20, 2015

Using IFTTT is a great way to automate simple tasks in your digital life. Below, I’ll list the best IFTTT Recipes for Marketers that I’ve found very useful. They are helpful in a variety of ways to expedite marketing tasks, gather information, and take your campaign to the next level.

TL;DR – Its an app that connects your apps.

The “recipes” are the order of operations, telling your apps what do next, and to whom. The best IFTTT recipes for marketers connect apps like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Google Calendar to automate marketing tasks such as posting and data-mining while also improving productivity. Recently, IFTTT introduced three individual apps that make up the core function of its web app.

  • Do Button – launch a recipe, activate something
  • Do Camera – open camera, take picture, do something with the picture
  • Do Note– write a note, upload copy

Now, IFTTT has become a very valuable tool for all do-ers. These recipes help anyone upload a photo or video immediately after taking one, or organize all the tasks piling up on your to-do list.


I’ve accumulated the best IFTTT recipes I’ve found useful to bolster my marketing tactics.

Profile Picture Consistency

Considering the importance of consistency when dealing with a brand image your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures should match. Oftentimes, when you change one, you want to immediately change the other. This recipe allows that.



Instagram To Embedded Tweet Picture

As advanced as Instagram has become for marketers, even opening its API and allowing ads, it still is wholly owned by Facebook and doesn’t play nicely with Twitter. This recipe allows a brand to post Instagram pictures to Twitter as embedded photos, not links, which have proven to impact tweet visibility.



Saving all email attachments in my Google Drive

With all the clients I have emailing me content assets, it is difficult to keep track of the pictures, word docs, videos, photos, etc. on a by project basis. One solution is to move everyone to a project management system like Basecamp, but for the free alternative, you can manage assets in Google Drive. You’ll never again have to dig through your email for that Word document you received on that one email you got a year ago.



Getting Stuff Done in Priority Order

Speaking of Gmail, this is a great recipe for creating a list of reminders. The reminder is created when I star an email in Gmail, and I can come back to the task later. We’ve all opened emails and decided not to answer them right away; unfortunately, we’ve also all forgotten to ever reply to said emails. With this recipe, you can safely postpone answering messages by starring them.



Invisibility Mode

With one click, you can block off the next hour on your calendar.

To indicate that you don’t want to be interrupted, turn on this recipe. Your Google calendar will show that you’re busy for the next 60 minutes. This is best used to lock in hours you actually have to work in between all those meetings where you talk about how much you are actually going to work.



Building a list of Twitter Accounts from Favorites

You don’t always have time to check out individual Twitter profiles when you’re on-the-go. With this recipe, you can create a self-curated list of accounts to potentially follow.

Another great use for this recipe is to create a list of potential prospects for things like twitter ads, email blasts, influencers, etc.

“As long as a list is in CSV, exporting to anything is simple-as-can-be.”



Log work hours to a Google Drive spreadsheet

As a marketer, your timecard is your life-blood. We are slaves to it. Without it, we don’t know how many hours to bill or how to scope a campaign. But sometimes, we bill hours that we shouldn’t.

Now, using your phone’s GPS to log when you are at your desk, this recipe saves the times to a Google Drive spreadsheet, allowing you to track how many hours you are really spending on that new content strategy.