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My Uber Customer Rating

November 29, 2015

Social media has transcended your smartphone and Facebook page. If you are one of the 8 Million people who use Uber, your feedback has become an integral part of the Uber social algorithm.

TL;DR You know how you rate your Uber Driver? It goes both ways.

You are being judged every time you hail an Uber, and a running score is being associated with your Uber account. This is your Uber Customer Rating and it could mean the difference of a quality driver to pick you up during a rainstorm. It is a pretty intelligent and simple system which can ensure a mutual respect for both the drivers and the passenger. 

You are probably already aware of Uber Driver Rating. This is something that can make or break an Uber driver’s success in the company, as they must maintain a 4-star rating or above at all times. In fact, some drivers have straight-up asked for a 5-star review but not many Uber customers are aware they too are subject to judgement, which could result in preferential treatment

So what are they rating, anyway? How nice you are?

That’s the hard part, no one knows. There isn’t a rubric or guide that says when someone deserves three stars or five. It’s an entirely objective rating, based on personal judgement.

And your rating isn’t easy to find. In the past, this service required a user to reach out to Uber customer support in order to receive their Uber customer rating. Now, Uber has a process for customers to find out how fun they were to drive to the bar on New Year’s Eve.


How to find your Uber Customer Rating

Fire up the Uber app and hit the menu icon located in the upper left-hand corner (it’s a circular silhouette of a person).

Why This Matters

Rating an interaction like this represents the future of customer service. Software is eating the world, and subjectively rating the customer experience is the only way to ensure the software isn’t eating the positive aspects of the commercial transaction.* We’re seeing this trend in Long-Running Questions, Customer Feedback Tools, and now, Uber.

And as Uber and other services diversify their reach into food delivery, package delivery, Drones, AI, and Autonomous Vehicles, the rating system will become an important benchmark in the digital future of capitalism.


From the Verge:

“Replacing top-down management with distributed feedback is a very effective way of organizing a huge number of dispersed and untrained workers into an orderly and flexible network. But in traditional organizations, in addition to supervising workers, managers can also insulate them from irate customers. At the very least, managers have some legal restrictions on what they can fire for. Replacing them with customer judgments and automated systems puts workers in a precarious position.”



Finally, here is my Uber Score, for those playing along at home.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.37.50 PM


I hope I don’t get fired.


*I like to imagine software as a giant monster eating the world, but spitting out parts it doesn’t like, like human emotion, which it will probably consider a weakness and attempt to destroy.