Content Strategy

Second Page of Google

February 19, 2016

I used to work in SEO. In many ways, Content Marketing has replaced my obsession with search engine optimization. It is my new SEO. I still use the techniques I learned as an SEO to make my content search-engine friendly, but my focus is less on writing for crawlers and more on writing for readers of the human variety.

When researching google’s algorithmic changes over time, I had an idea. What if everyone suddenly starting going to the second page of Google after their search? Convincing users to give up their quality Google searches wouldn’t be an easy task. 33% of searches don’t even click on the second result, let alone the second page, but the experiment would be eye-opening.

TL;DR – If Google is A/B testing SERP, going to the second page of Google could change the first page results.


Content Strategy

Hiring My Own Boss Made Me a Better Marketer

January 29, 2016

I’m not a “Director-level” marketing professional. At least, not yet. I’m currently Head of Content Marketing at ReviewTrackers, a SaaS in Chicago. My boss is the CEO and founder, and he’s a former marketer. A damn good one, too. But he needs to focus on CEO things, and we are looking for a VP of Marketing to help him make decisions, be my boss and shape the rest of the marketing team. 

TL;DR – Because I work at a startup, I’m hiring my own boss and it’s a little strange, but good.



My Uber Customer Rating

November 29, 2015

Social media has transcended your smartphone and Facebook page. If you are one of the 8 Million people who use Uber, your feedback has become an integral part of the Uber social algorithm.

TL;DR You know how you rate your Uber Driver? It goes both ways.

You are being judged every time you hail an Uber, and a running score is being associated with your Uber account. This is your Uber Customer Rating and it could mean the difference of a quality driver to pick you up during a rainstorm. It is a pretty intelligent and simple system which can ensure a mutual respect for both the drivers and the passenger.  (more…)


The Best IFTTT Recipes For Marketers

October 20, 2015

Using IFTTT is a great way to automate simple tasks in your digital life. Below, I’ll list the best IFTTT Recipes for Marketers that I’ve found very useful. They are helpful in a variety of ways to expedite marketing tasks, gather information, and take your campaign to the next level.

TL;DR – Its an app that connects your apps.

The “recipes” are the order of operations, telling your apps what do next, and to whom. The best IFTTT recipes for marketers connect apps like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Google Calendar to automate marketing tasks such as posting and data-mining while also improving productivity. Recently, IFTTT introduced three individual apps that make up the core function of its web app.

  • Do Button – launch a recipe, activate something
  • Do Camera – open camera, take picture, do something with the picture
  • Do Note– write a note, upload copy

Now, IFTTT has become a very valuable tool for all do-ers. These recipes help anyone upload a photo or video immediately after taking one, or organize all the tasks piling up on your to-do list. (more…)